Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Tracy Kendall

Tracy Kendall designs and makes exclusive wallpapers. She comes from a textile background and used to teach textiles as a degree at the Royal college of Art and help out as a tech support for them as well.

Her work nowadays mainly consists of designer wall paper, that gets commissioned by various people for all sort of applications. It is unique in the way it all hand made and individual. She employs a huge range of materials and techniques to achieve the results she get.

She started using the big presses at the Royal College to make her work. Her first design she showed us was of a floor to ceiling knife, fork and spoon to go in her kitchen. From selling that design she moved onto weird ways of embossing and texturing the paper such as sewing buttons and sequins into the paper, cutting stapling and ripping it to get the desired effect.

She said she never really plans a design, it just springs out of inspiration and that can come from anywhere.

Tracy also has put on exhibitions of her work, using the space in galleries to hang her wallpaper more like art than a practical way of covering the plaster on the wall.

I found her work very interesting especially where she had transferred her designs and ideas onto furniture such chairs and lamp shades.

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