Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Tal Rosner

One of my favourite guest lecturers from the past year has been Tal Rosner.

Tal is a Graphic designer come film maker most noted for his recent work on the title sequence Channel 4s TV series Skins. There was a couple of things that I liked about Tal that made him stand out more from the other lectures I have attended. Firstly was his how he has arrived at what he does now. He studied at St Martins College and ended up working for a large post production company. It was here that he felt the desire to regain some creative control over the work he was producing. He described it was being on a assembly line, and even though the finished product was usual something really impressive he felt it wasn't personal to him.

Like a lot of my class members I really admire Tal's motion graphics piece Doppelgänger.
What draws me to it is they way you can get completely lost in the movement and the way the sound interacts with the visuals.

Another great thing about it is the way it has been created, by taking footage at the front of a train then manipulating it from there. This results in a very urbanised look and feel to the piece.

Here are some stills from the piece.

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