Friday, 8 May 2009

Double Negative

Double Negative

When we went to London we were lucky enough to take a trip into one of the worlds leading visual FX companies, Double Negative. I have been watching DN's work for a while now as visual effects in films has always interested me since I watched Jurassic Park for the first time in 1993. Jurassic park contained the first photo realistic characters in a feature length film. Since that I have been avidly looking at all different types of visual effects and it didn't take me long to come across Double Negative.

When we went into the see them I was really surprised at the size of the place, the girl who was taking us round said they employed over 500 people there. This sounds a lot but when you consider the size of the briefs they get assigned you can understand why they have that many people working their.

Walking round the building we saw room after room of computer filled offices all with five to seven people in them all with Maya on the their screens. We also got to the rendering farm, which was HUGE. They also showed us their show reel and then a in depth video explaining the work they did on the Dark Knight, a film that I had watch a lot recently and was in ore of the work involved in it. So to see scenes pulled apart and explained to us was amazing. One of the things that I had never picked up on was the amount of work that is done in the background of scenes, There are so many scenes in the city of Gothem, that you would believe were real if you weren't shown differently.

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