Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Grant Gillbert

Grant Gillbert is a motion graphics artist who we were lucky enough to have as a lecturer this year.

He started out doing the same coarse as I did a ND in graphics at Stockport College then moved to Birmingham to do his degree. His fist job career wise was on Channel 4 creating title sequences and promo/bumpers. He spent a short time in New York until coming back to go freelance in this country which he has continued to presume till this day under the name of Double G Studios.

Unlike a lot of freelancers Grant owns Double G Studios as a LTD business which is a interesting and more professional way of setting your self up as a freelancer, rather than just using your own name.

However when I visited Main Frame in London, my class mates and I were advised against using a company name for yourself if you are planning to try and get work in a larger company. It's something that thought to take note as the current economic climate doesn't allow for business mistakes, no matter how good your work is.

Back to Grants work, I found his list of clients very impressive and the work that that he produced even more so. It was nice to see a small company getting big clients and the work still looking top notch.

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