Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Serial Cut

I found this image making company using the trusty 'Stubble'' button again. They get commissioned to create there own style of super slick graphical imagery for a variety of clients.

This is one of there newest pieces. It's a pop up book created for Renfe’s new campaign advertising there brand new fleet of trains. What is nice about this image is that it actually exists there's no 3D or Photoshop its acutely been made then photographed in a studio.

I always get a bit of a kick when I know some thing has been done for real, such as the Sony Brava adverts with the plasticine rabbits. This is on a much smaller scale but it's still nice to know that the computer does get left of the equation sometimes.

This is a motion graphics piece for the 2009 MTV winter events. I really like the smoothness and the use of space in this little animation. The lack of things going on really makes it flow, rather than a really in your face over the top piece of motion Graphics.

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